Thursday, 3 August 2017

Group told Buhari to prepare to handover to a female president

A political pressure group advocating the emergence of a female president in Nigeria, Nigeria Female President Initiative, NFPI, has asked President Muhammadu Buhari to prepare to hand over to an elected female President, adding that a female Nigerian president would not run the country like an ATM without pin code where monies are diverted at will.

The group noted that the declaration of intent to run for Nigeria’s Presidency currently trending on various social media platforms, by one Monica Ambrose, is a welcome development and urged other female aspirants to do same. Convener of the group, Felix Akpoyibo, in a statement, yesterday, explained that the country needs a dedicated female president, who will not encourage a leadership where amnesty is proposed for those who financially milked the country dry.

He explained that governance in Nigeria since the military era to the current democratic dispensation has been in poor shape, considering the poor leadership style of previous administrations. He said: “With a dedicated female president, Nigeria will not be taken back to the era where ministers and states are richer than their states. “Nigerians are no longer interested in any political party but are keen on the individual who would provide solutions to the socio-economic problems bedevilling the country.”

“A situation where the rich and privileged in the society have access to 24-hour electricity power supply whereas, the majority of the populace have limited supply in this modern age with electricity distribution companies running generators to power their offices and outlets is sad and a wicked development. “It is on this note that we are drumming support for a female president whom we believe as a mother, would be a mother to the Nigerian state.”

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