Sunday, 8 January 2017

What to do besides the daily actions on To Do List to build a thriving SFI business?

Follow the Ultra Simple SFI Basics 3 Step Plan:

1. Become an EA and keep it month after month. To become EA, you need to gather 1500 VP and by doing your Daily, Weekly and Monthly actions will only provide you with 497 VP. Therefore you have to do something more to gather the balance of the VP. You can do some other things on your VP Ledger to make up that difference or have a standing order. So doing your Daily Actions is only a small part of your tasks.

2. Sponsor 5 active affiliates. You have to advertise your business to get some enrollments under you. Advertise as often as possible. Marketing is the biggest part of your tasks.

3. Teach these 5 affiliates to do the same. It’s called duplication. Communication is the key here. Be an awesome Sponsor. Send them Team Mails, Streamposts, E-Cards and newsletters as often as possible and blog.

Other things to do is:

Learn as much as you possibly can and transfer it to your team.

Next is to promote TripleClicks and the products in that store to sell those products and to enroll some PRM’s and to enlist some ECAs.

For fun, play the games and bid in the auctions. 

Do the above and see how far you can go in your SFI Business. If you need more information on how to start and build a successful SFI business, join our Internet Business Tutorials group on facebook by following this link

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