Tuesday, 10 January 2017

If you are not good at approaching people face to face, here are some tips to improve in this area

Why are you not good at approaching people face to face? Is it because you are shy, or are you nervous?

My tips to overcome the problem of not being good at approaching people face to face would be:

1. Make sure you know your business (or anything you are promoting)

2. Practice what you are going to say in front of a mirror.

3. Record yourself when you are getting better. (this can be audio or video).

3. Practice on friends and family.

4. Accept the fact that you are going to get many rejections.

A lot of people cannot face the rejections that are going to happen, and they often blame themselves, or what they are saying, for getting those rejections. That is why the practice is so important.

You must go out to face your prospects with a positive mindset. You know what you are saying, you believe in the product or business, and you are excited about the business.

If you get negative comments, try to make a positive from them, but know you are going to meet people that do not believe in your business the way that you do.

IF you get a question you do not know the answer to, then be truthful and say "I can't answer that but I will speak to someone who can." Get their telephone number. Find the answer and let them know what the answer is.

Show people you can be relied on as a team leader or confidante. You are offering to help those prospects go forward with their business, so make sure they realize that.

After a few meetings, it will become more natural and you will become more confidant. You may even ask yourself why you haven't been doing it before.

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