Friday, 27 January 2017

How much time should I allow before I should expect to be producing income from SFI?

The "Income Index" provides us with a clear and detailed answer to the question "Where do I learn about earning income with SFI?". It offers a plan, not only for producing income, but also for being an SFI Top earner.

Furthermore, "SFI Basics" describes four important sets of activities that summarize what we need to focus on to successfully build our businesses. When we apply this information, we will start producing income with SFI.

Some of us will make money with SFI only after a while, whereas others will start earning commissions in their first month. It is all commensurate with our personal work ethics and focus.

When we join SFI, we are guided towards starting on the right foot by reading SFI Basics and applying the information. In addition, this introductory material gives us a simplified form of our SFI business in three steps:

* Qualifying for the rank of Executive Affiliate and maintaining it;
* Sponsoring affiliates and teaching them duplication; and
* Selling TripleClicks products and services.

Every new affiliate can do the above in their first month, using the beginners' marketing aids and methods; and whoever does this successfully will start producing income with SFI.

Hence, there is neither a secret nor time frame about it. It is merely a matter of following the charted path of building an SFI business and keeping oneself at it on a daily basis, while setting one's sight on the long term of sponsoring a strong team of active affiliates whom we help to be successful. By helping our PSAs reach their goals, we also will reach our goals and make money.

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