Saturday, 21 January 2017

How much time should I allow before I should expect to be producing income from SFI?

Allowing something means letting it happen. You are the one in control of what you allow or don't allow.

Your question makes me want to ask questions of my own:

What were your thoughts ahead of this question? What is your plan if you don't make a specific amount of money in a specific time period? Would you think of quitting SFI if you don't make that amount in that time? Would you extend your original estimated time period and continue working towards a specific income amount that you have in mind?

Next, what sort of income amount are you thinking of or asking about?

Are you asking how long it took for others who were already happy with the income they're receiving from SFI? How long it took somebody else depends on the time they had available to work, what they did, and, sometimes, also how much money they invested, on luck in winning things to help them with their SFI business, and on the specific amount they wanted to earn at the end of it all.

You need a plan. How much time you have available each month to work at SFI; what amount you'd like to earn monthly, a list of the things you can do and how much income each action might generate for you, amounts of money you may want to spend to help you, and how long it will take to do all these things. Add up the income each action might generate for you, as well as the hours or days or week or months of the time needing to spent on different things you'll be doing, and then you will have answered your own question.

You are the best person to answer this question. Only you know the answers to some of the things that will contribute towards determining how long it will take you to achieve what you want to.

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