Tuesday, 31 January 2017

How do I come up with good content for my weekly newsletters to my team

1. I believe you have to write your newsletter with your audience in mind.
a. Do you have new affiliates like yourself? What are some of the questions that you have had to ask your downline for help with?
b. Did you learn anything new that you think will benefit your team?
c. Did anyone give an inspiring or encouraging post in the Forum, which will be back?
d. Was there any important news that you feel may be helpful to the growth or well-being of your team?
e. Did any of your team members become EA or Team Leader or did anyone win in the PriceBenders auction?
f. Did you find a product in TripleClicks which is either helpful or can be a good Standing Order? Tell them about it and share the link.
g. Did you see a video or quote, non-SFI or not that you think your team will find humorous or maybe find some truth in it for themselves?

2. Share any or all of the answers above in your newsletter.
3. Make it concise and interesting so that all members of your team, new and old can relate to what you are sharing.
4. If you happen to have more experienced network marketers than yourself, do not be afraid to ask for their comments. By doing so you will be engaging the whole group to participate in the learning process, and even to build a strong, successful team.
5. If you want to offer incentives, insert this in your newsletter by defining the terms for meeting qualifications for the incentive.
6. Let your team know you are available to answer any questions they may have. Provide all ways whether email, Skype, social media where you can be reached.
7. Own your newsletter which means you are going to personalize it with your own format, style, stationery etc., but still professional because you want to impress your team as their leader.

I am sure there are others who wonder about this question so thank you for asking it. I hope you become a terrific writer as you build your confidence in leadership. I wish you much success. Do not give up.

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