Friday, 16 December 2016

The best ways to recruit good, new affiliates for your affiliate business

My most active affiliates have come from using social networking sites, such as FaceBook and Twitter.

I created a blog about  my the affiliate making business I belong to which is SFI, which has lots of pages of information about SFI and TripleClicks (my SFI Store) and guides for getting started with SFI. I'm using the main blog section (the blog posts themselves) to write about my experience with SFI and report on all my achievements, both large and small. Every time I add a new page or post to the blog (usually once a day), I tweet about it, and also post on FaceBook.

This has two advantages that I can see:
1) My FaceBook friends and Twitter followers are people who already know me (even if some only know me online), so they are part of my warm market.

2) Personally sponsored affiliates (PSAs) who have come to SFI from my blog already know something of what SFI is about and what they're expected to do here to earn money, so they come prepared to work.

I think making use of your warm market is the best way to find active PSAs. You can also expand your warm market by becoming active on FaceBook discussion groups and on forums, where people talk about making money online. Once you have established friendships this way, people are much more likely to respond positively when you introduce them to your affiliate business.

(Note: If you use forums and FaceBook groups, don't just post your affiliate or blog link. In a lot of places, this is a quick way to get banned and is also much less likely to get you the positive results you're looking for.)

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