Monday, 2 May 2016

Irose Okodugha II Views on The Tiwa and Teebliz Saga

In this Tiwa and Teebliz saga,I already formed an opinion, when I watched the video, every thing changed. I might not be married yet, but I am taking notes. I am not taking sides but I did like to ask, did Tiwa only just find out Teebliz was taking drugs ? Didn't she already know even before they got married? Did Tiwa just know that Teebliz was a womanizer? He never cheated while they were courting? What a wawu! Did Tiwa just find out about his extravagant lifestyle? 

My point exactly is if Teebliz didn't go broke we might never have heard about all of these...If because Teebliz got broke and Tiwa brought this to the public then she has a questionable character. As we know , and Tiwa confirmed, that he ,Teebliz has been there for her, nurtured and brought her to limelight. Is it evil to support him now that he has nothing? Is it wrong to pray, seek counselling and even separate for a few months to see if they can borrow brain? 2 years of marriage?!!! I guess it seems like 20 years to them already, they can't stand each other.

I am wondering and also afraid, are marriages now a joke? Aren't we supposed to stand by those we love? I know it's hard, but isn't that the sacrifices that come with marriage? 

Is marriage now a pot of beans that gets soured within a few hours? Ha! This is baffling!

Wasn't Tiwa warned from the onset that she was getting married to a man who haven't divorced his wife/wives? As e dey hot..Aside the fact that I think that interview was staged, so real to the eyes of the public, until you rewatch it.

No woman, in such heat will be that composed to grant an interview especially since the story is still fresh...but again, the world sympathises with women. I am a great campaigner that women should be treated as queens because they are, it is not easy to birth a generation, but we should not also use our gender to oppress.

God has given us great 6th sense, do not ignore your instincts...

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