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Patrickonsult Ltd

We are a group of Experienced Professionals with great dept in all aspects of Corporate Management, Training, Office Solutions, Financial Services and Corporate governance, drawn from Nigeria, Finland, India, South Africa and Slovenia.

The incorporation of Patrickonsult Ltd follows a concerted effort by the Chief Executive officer (CEO), Mr. Patrick Nzechukwu, to form Strategic Alliances with Overseas Technical Partners who have demonstrated strong desire to share the vision of Patrickonsult in Nigeria in particular and Africa as a whole. In doing this, Patrickonsult Ltd has signed Partnership agreement with: CESIM Finland for Online business simulation training in Nigeria, BDI SYSTEMS India to vendor and deploy its Business Object Intelligence software for both structured and unstructured data in Africa, SIMUATE India for collaboration in Management Performance Measurement training programs with particular reference to use of Balanced Scorecard in Africa, LEAN INSTITUTE AFRICA (South Africa) for training on use of Lean concept in Nigeria and TOMAS DSE Slovenia(Central Europe) to vendor and deploy its decision support Total Office Management Solution(TOMAS) in Nigeria.

We represent BDI Systems in Africa. BDI System is a high end technology start-up in ‘Products and Services’, space with an intent to solve potential customer’s issues, reduce their operating costs, give clearer picture of their business performance and increase their reach to their (potential) customers. We believe “Everything can be solved by a Technological Innovation”.

Businesses need to have systems to track their data, which has hidden intelligence into it. Extracting this intelligence through reports and dash boards helps Businesses flourish by taking right decision at right time.

·         Some of our products include:
·         BDI’s Business Intelligence(BI) Framework,
·         School BI Platform,
·         Business Enlightener(for SME),
·         Computer Dashboards Architecture,
·         Tower Infrastructure Management, etc.

  • SAP HANA Services,
  • HANALYTICS Support Services,
  • Hadoop Related Technologies,
  • Strategy Services,
  • BI Services

We represent TOMAS DSE Group in Nigeria. TOMAS is an integrated Decision support solution which has been developed for  more then 15 years in cooperation with numerous decision makers.
Whole in one solution from Strategic Planning, Strategic maps, dashboards, KPI monitoring; Operative planning and budgeting; Process modeling and optimization; OLAP analysis; Quality  support;;  Document management; Corrective measures; Investments monitoring; Reclamations  monitoring.

TOMAS allows monitoring of the entire organization so that all information is in one place; it also encourages collaboration among colleagues.
DSE group combines highly specialized developers, consultants and experts with more then 20 years of experiences in Business Intelligence. The use of modern technologies, investment in research and continuous development are the foundations on which we build, so that we can provide competitive advantage to our clients.

How would your organization benefit from TOMAS?
 Simply ask yourself the following questions:
“what would be the results; if we would realize all our strategic goals, if all strategic and tactical action plans would be fulfilled, all processes would perform as modeled, all corrective measures would be fulfilled on time, budgeted Sales, Production, Inventories, Purchasement, Finance would be achieved, all conclusion from various Meetings would be met, if resolution of complaints would improve...?”

Total Office Management Solution-TOMAS as provided by TOMAS DSE Group; the modules range from Balanced Scorecard(BSC), a performance measurement platform among others:

         Define strategic goals, and Mission and Vision of Niger Delta region
         Define Main regional projects and their goals
         Define Action plans to achieve Strategic and project goals
         Define Indicators to measure success of region and projects and measure them through Dashboard, Strategic and project maps.

         Define detailed plan of Investment projects in Niger Delta region
         Monitor realization of investment projects (by project, phases, contractors, locations, actual/budget...)
         Monitor all Project documentation (offers, contracts, situations, invoices), linked from DM

         Receive frequently all reports from your dislocated units, institutions

TOMAS.MIS be informed and alerted – this includes: Sales, Procurement, Inventories, Operative Finance Controlling, Human resources, Accounting statements Controlling, Production:
  • Monitor your revenues in comparison to plan
  • Monitor your costs against budget
  • Monitor your purchasments agains budget
  • Monitor your HR data

TOMAS. Process – Business process reengineering and ISO support:
         Model all your main and support processes
         Review if people are following processes and measure success of them
         Review how corrective measures are fulfilled

TOMAS. Business Plancheck and simulate your decisions:
         Prepare detailed Annual plan on basis of Strategic plan (by sectors, departments, projects)
         Simulate different version of plans
         Define budget for departments, sectors, projects

TOMAS.Cori (Corrective measures):
         Review corrective measures, findings (by departments, types, sectors...)
         Review if corrective measures are fulfilled and how succesful

         Conduct all your Meetings electronically
         Review all conclusion reports electronically (by responsible, type of Meeting, department...)
         Review late conclusions and reponsibles

TOMAS.DM don’t waste your valuable time with document searching:
         Manage all  regulative documentation in electonic form
         Manage all  Project investment documentation (offers, contracts, invoices, reports

TOMAS.Reclaim (Monitoring of complaints) monitor your customer satisfaction:
         Monitor all citizens complaints received  electronically (by region, department, cause, service, project...
         Review how complaints were resolved (by type, responsible person, project.

Our TOMAS modules are available on monthly rentage; we can host you on our server or on your company server.

We conduct trainings, workshops, seminars, conferences, etc using global best concepts, standards and innovations.

In a bid to change the face of training and learning in Nigeria, Patrickonsult is pioneering Generation Next teaching and learning technology with the latest state-of-the-art technology-  

Cesim, Finland is world leader in Business Simulation; a leading expert in simulation design, training and development. Cesim brings life to learning through engaging, interactive, intelligent and cost-effective business development training solutions ranging from sophisticated scenario-based, immersive learning simulations (ILS) to some of the world's most engaging and practical e-Learning and classroom experiences that result in immediate learning outcomes.

Our scenario-based learning solutions, both online and in classrooms as blended learning programs, are lifelike, immersive and based on consequential learning. The business training programs feature real people, situations and consequences, facilitating accelerated learning and increased knowledge retention.

It is discovery learning at its best and gives our clients the most hands-on experience possible. Our standard and custom-built workshops and simulations cover a wide range of industries and skills areas from project management training and leadership courses to business acumen programs. We can of course also build a customized training solution to suit your particular needs.

Features of the Cesim platform:
§  Customizable: Tailor our default case to your specific needs to match it perfectly to your course
§  Scalable: You can add as many participants as you want
§  Compatible: The simulations are compatible with all major browsers, operating systems and iPads
§  Browser-based: There is no need for software installation or IT assistance
§  Realistic: The simulation models reflect real world business challenges and results accurately
§  Multilanguage: The participants can play the game in their own language 
§  Competitive: Teams compete against each other, not against an AI
§  Intuitive: The platform based solution makes moving from one simulation to another a seamless experience
§  Flexible: Easy scheduling and distribution of learning materials accross courses
§  Measurable: Detailed reports to help with the analysis and grading of your course
§  Accountable: Built-in tools for explaining the results to students

A Typical Business Simulation Game Flow
business simulation game flow
After the introduction, the teams familiarize themselves with the decision-making process via a practice round. The practice round results will not have any influence on the actual game results.
The instructor decides the number of actual decision-making rounds (5-12).
Each simulation market consists of 3-12 teams, with 2-8 members in each. The number of parallel simulation markets is not limited, making it possible to utilize the simulation for any number of participants.
All teams are starting from exactly the same position, with similar market shares and profits. Similarly, the teams will be faced by the same market conditions during the simulation.
It is notable that the teams compete against other teams in their own market, not against a computer. Each team’s decisions influence the result of other teams and the market development overall.

Some of the areas covered in our Simulation concept includes but not limited to:

  • Business, Strategy and Management Simulations:
When you would like to illuminate and practice general business concepts.

  • International Business and Strategy Management Simulation:
Cesim Global Challenge has been designed to improve the understanding and knowledge of the complexity of global business operations in a dynamic, competitive environment.

  • Small Service Business Management Simulation:
Cesim OnService is a service based business simulation that integrates the functional areas of HR management, capacity management, pricing and marketing. 

  • General Business Management Simulation:
Cesim SimFirm is a product based business management simulation that integrates the functional areas of production, marketing, and logistics. It increases the participants awareness of operating a company from a general management perspective. 

  • Project Management Simulation:
Cesim Project management simulation game has been designed to capture the essence of project management in an environment of collaborative and competitive elements.

  • Marketing Management Simulation:
Cesim SimBrand develops the understanding and command of the whole marketing decision making process.

  • Industry Specific Simulation:

When your course or training requires the setting of a particular industry.

  • Custom Business Simulation:
When you need a simulation tailored specifically to the needs of your course or training.

Simuate, a consortium of facilitators from India, provides expert training on Balanced Scorecard(BSC); negotiations are ongoing with the Palladium Group to provide with us certification on Balance Scorecard. 

Balanced Scorecard Training (BSC):
Hands-On Training
Through case studies and a series of interactive small-group workshops, participants apply balanced scorecard concepts to meet the challenges facing a typical organization. Exercises performed throughout this course include:
·         Launching a BSC program and establishing work teams
·         Using an organizational assessment to set vision, mission, and strategy
·         Developing an organization's strategic themes & perspectives
·         Developing strategic objectives and strategy maps
·         Develop performance measures aligned to the strategy map
·         Develop and prioritize new initiatives to execute strategy
·         Align performance with mission, vision and strategy
·         Define requirements and select appropriate software
·         Scorecard deployment, budget and time scheduling

Course Duration: 5-Days

Course Learning Objectives
Module I. Introduction & Overview

Module II. Overview of the Balanced Scorecard (BSC)

Module III. Building the Balanced Scorecard

Module IV. Implementing the Balanced Scorecard

Module V. Next Steps

Module VI. Getting a Scorecard On Track

We recognize the importance of Lean concept, particularly, to your members (manufacturers) and the general business; we therefore seek to establish Lean Institute West Africa but one of the criteria is to develop the market before we for membership Lean Institute, a organization with Head Quarters in U.S.A. We would appreciate if you can use your good office to make this dream come true.

The workshop takes place over three(3) days and can accommodate a maximum of 20-25 participants to ensure each participant receives individual attention. This is an open workshop.
Purpose: To give delegates an overview of what lean is, what the main tools are, practice in some of the tools and approaches, as well as how to introduce, sustained and scale up a lean initiative in an organisation.

LIA’s Rapid Process Improvement workshop is based on the kaizen improvement method originally taught to us by our Japanese sensei Mr Takeyuki Furuhashi in 1996.
The five-day workshop takes place at a host company and participants learn to use the A3 method of systematic problem-solving by working on real problems identified by the host organisation’s management. 

Purpose: To give delegates a hands-on learning-by-doing experience of how to make rapid improvement to work processes and to show how substantial performance improvement can be done with little additional resources.

We conduct out-door (public) workshops and in-house(customized) workshops for all our training programs.

1. Financial / Auditing Services
As big economies of the world are collapsing today due to wrong financial indices hatched and produced over a period of time by corporate entities, we have taken time to study the causes and dynamics of these great companies’ failures and measures being put in place to forestall future occurrences. We have come to terms that as wealth is being transferred from these failed economies to ours, it is pertinent we pay heed to reasons of their failures and measures being advance to arrest future occurrences to avoid being caught in the same web that engulfed them.

a.        Internal Audit consultancy: this is one area being advanced to be strengthened by corporate bodies to ensure quality and reliable financial reporting, sound internal control system, effective enterprise risk management and adherence to relevant legislations and standards. To this direction we undertake clients Internal Audit functions; we equally design, train and enthrone clients’ Internal Audit Department and personnel.
b.    External(Statutory) Audit/Investigation Consultancy: established by Statue to express Independent Professional opinion on the true and fairness view of enterprise financial statements. We carry out annual audit engagement on client’s financial statements, forensic audit, due diligence audit, investigation etc.
c.    Accountancy services (Management and Financial Accounting): we prepare clients financial statements, set up adequate systems of accounts/control and train clients personnel on maintenance of virile accounting system.
d.    Tax Consultancy: we carry out clients’ tax management and documentations, including filing of reports to relevant authorities, obtaining Tax Clearance Certificate both Corporate and Individual etc.
e.    Financial Advisory Services:  we design and review clients business/financial plans and corporate profile, including negotiating for external financing.
f.     Forensic Audit Consultancy: we investigate financial frauds for corporate entities, government institutions- Ministries, Departments and Agencies (MDAs), Schools etc.
g.        Revenue Generation Services: We assist our clients design revenue generation models, including monitoring and audit.
h.         Debt Recovery Services: We serve as agents for recovery of clients bad and doubtful debts.

2. Secretarial /Corporate Affairs Services:
a.    Convening and attending Annual General Meetings (AGM) and other statutory meetings including circularisation of minutes.
b.    Preparation of Board Resolutions in order to deal with affairs of Client Company, such as when a company wishes to:
   i. Remove existing Directors
   ii. Allot shares or transfer of shares
   iii. Alter Memorandum and Articles of Association.etc

c.    Filing of various returns with Corporate Affairs Commission Abuja as may from time to time become necessary in order to update the company's statutory compliance as required by law. These include:
          i. Annual returns to be filled with audited statements
          ii. Return of allotment of shares, return of particulars of Directors and Secretaries, etc.

3. Other services include:
a.    Immigration issues: we obtain CERPAC resident and work permit for immigrants. We equally arrange Temporary Resident and Work Permit for our clients while the regular CERPAC documentation is in progress.
b.    Accommodation issues: we equally arrange for Hotel Reservations and Guests Houses.
Our prices are relatively cheap compare to other applications of similar or even lower quality. Our TOMAS modules also are available on monthly rental.
With our softwares, strategy, planning, data collation, execution, analysis and reporting “make costs effective”; while with our training, “practice makes profit”.
Our interest is to assist your organization enthrone good corporate governance. We look forward to a symbiotic relationship.

Yours faithfully,

Patrick O. Nzechukwu
Regional Head, Africa

Contact us:
Regional Address: 30 Isheri Road(Ogunusi), Omole, Ikeja, Lagos State, Nigeria.
Tel: +234 803 316 9799, +234 8122700086, +386 51 336566, +386 41 645 352, (+91)98509 77317

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