Tuesday, 27 March 2012

Full Scholarships for MA and PhD Students at University of the Western Cape, South Africa

For applicants from Sub-Saharan African countries with an excellent academic record the DRD offers a limited number of DAAD merit scholarships per year.
Scholarships are available for
full-time students of
Scholarships include monthly allowances of 650 Euro plus travel allowances for Master candidates and 900 Euro plus travel allowances for PhD candidates. More information about requirements for application and application procedure is provided below.
Requirements for application and application procedure
  • Scholarship applicants are advised to carefully read about the specific entry requirements and course application procedure of the programme of their choice. The information is available from the respective programmes sections.In addition to programme requirements, all applicants have to meet the following requirements:
  • Applicants should be from Sub-Sahara Africa
  • Applicants should have achieved a first or upper second class for their previous course of study
  • The study must have been completed at an accredited University
  • The previous degree should have been an academic discipline which is related to developement, such as economics, sociology, social anthropology, agriculture, statistics, etc.
  • South African students are required to have an honours degree in order to be admitted to a Masters degree course
  • Applicants must provide evidence of proficiency in English, both written and spoken. This can be TOEFL test or a similar standard test or a letter from an academic institution
  • Applicants should preferably have been involved in development organisations, as interns, volunteers or employees
  • There is no formal age restriction, but applicants should apply within three years of completing their previous degree, unless they have a good reason for having been academically inactive for a period
  • Women are encouraged to apply
  • Applicants must be able to study fulltime at the UWC for the required period.
  • Candidates for the Masters Programme in Public Administration (MPA), the MA and M Econ in Development Studies as well as PhD candidates in the fields of Governance, Public Policy, Public Management or Development Studies can submit their scholarship application before they register with UWC through the online application procedure (www.uwc.ac.za).
  • Please submit
  1. a letter of application
  2. the DRD-SA application form (see below),
  3. school leaving certificates
  4. a CV,
  5. an academic transcript from your last university
  6. certified copies of all academic certificates
  7. two signed academic references, that are independently submitted to our cdrscholars@gmail.com email.
  8. PhD applicants are asked to also submit a 6-8 page proposal on the research they would want to undertake for the thesis. This should include their research question, the research methodology and a (provisional) theoretical framework.
  • We are unfortunately not able to engage in extended correspondence with applicants. Only email clarification will be replied to.
  • For applicants of the MPA, the MA Econ in Development Studies as well as PhD candidates the closing date for all scholarship applications is 31 July 2012. Applicants will be informed about their applications by the 31August 2012.
  • For additional information on the courses or on registration please write to:
      • pkippie@uwc.ac.za for the MA and M Econ or PhD in Development Studies and to
      • LFesters@uwc.ac.za on the MPA course or an PhD in Public Administration or Governance.
      • Britta Niklas for the Master of Arts in Development Management (Bochum Programme)
  • Scholarship submissions should be made to cdrscholars@gmail.com. Hard copies may be submitted to Ina Conradie, Institute for Social Development, University of the Western Cape, Private Bag X 17, Belville 7535, South Africa. The mail is however very slow (and not completely reliable) and these applications should be submitted by early June. Please check by email wheter we have received them.

Scholarships for a study period in Germany
Apart from full scholarships for participation in one of the above mentioned programmes a number of mobility scholarships for Master students are available each year. These scholarships are aimed at funding a study period in Germany. During such a study period abroad scholarship holders can participate in a Summer School at Ruhr-University Bochum, complete an internship with a German organization working in the field related to their studies or they can visit Ruhr-University Bochum during the completion phase of their Master Thesis for intensive supervision periods.
It is not necessary to apply for mobility scholarships before starting your studies. The application procedure for mobility scholarships will instead be announced to participants of the cooperating programmes.
For further questions, please do not hesitate the DRD coordinators at UWC or RUB.

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