Tuesday, 21 February 2012

Research Fellow Partnership Programme for PhD and Postdoctoral Applicants at ETH Zurich, Switzerland

The RFPP is a grant scheme providing doctoral and post-doctoral fellowships. Doctoral fellowships are funded for three years, post-doctoral fellowships for two years. The following criteria must be fulfilled to
apply for a fellowship:

The research:
  • deals with agriculture, forestry or natural resource management for development;
  • is embedded in an international research partnership (see below);
  • is in accordance with the thematic and geographic priorities of SDC;
  • is professionally supervised and backstopped by the involved institutions.
  • is of high scientific quality and adheres to the principles of scientific integrity.
The fellow:
  • is a doctoral or a post-doctoral candidate;
  • is a Swiss resident under the age of 36, or a citizen from a developing country or country in transition up to the age of 40;
  • has proven experience in the selected research area;
  • is interested in development cooperation and open to different cultures;
  • the RFPP strives for gender balance, therefore, female candidates are especially encouraged to apply.
The partnership:
  • involves a professorship at ETH Zurich and an international research institution, e.g. a CGIAR centre or a comparable international or regional centre;
  • is part of an existing or emerging collaborative research programme between the involved institutions;
  • includes a substantial in-kind or cash commitment of the partners;
  • the project has to be integrated into the activities of the involved institutions.
Call for RFPP proposals is now launched
The current RFPP call is now launched. Deadline for submission of PhD and Postdoc proposals is 30 June 2012. For information regarding the application procedures, please visit the following weblink. For other information or help, contact the RFPP coordinator Patricia Heuberger at pheuberger@ethz.ch.

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