Tuesday, 7 February 2012

Postgraduate Design Engineer Position: 3TU.SAI-Software Technology Programme at The Eindhoven University of Technology, Netherlands

Job description
The post-master programme Software Technology focuses on software design and systems architecture for the software-intensive systems that occur in the various application domains of the high-tech industry, as exemplified by the multinationals in the Eindhoven area. It trains graduates from Computer Science or a related discipline to become the professional software designers and architects whom the industry needs to conceive its new, innovative products and who can participate in or provide technological leadership for the
multidisciplinary teams that realize these.

The programme spans two years of which the first 15 months are devoted to deepening, broadening, and reinforcing Software Technology knowledge and skills, as well as personal and professional skills. This part of the programme has a unique structure. It consists of 4 blocks in which about half the time is spent on lectures, workshops and training, and the other half on solving a real-life problem from one of our industry partners. Most of the lecturers have an extensive experience in industry. They cover the theory on topics such as architecture, design, and problem solving return as coach during the projects to help translate theoretical ideas into practical solutions. Each project is selected from a different domain and addresses different technological areas to provide both multidisciplinary exposure and enhanced cross-domain thinking. The lectures in part are general, in part tailored to the problem domain coming up. In this set-up the trainee gets the opportunity to experience the different roles that make a good team.

The last nine months, a technological design project is carried out at one of the companies in the area. This is a challenging project with a realistic goal but clear limitations in terms of time and resources available. It allows the trainees to demonstrate their designer competencies and realize an industry quality solution. Starting from a solid analysis a solution has to be synthesized that takes the technical and economic preconditions at the company into account. The trainees will be coached by experienced design engineers from industry and by TU/e staff with clear and relevant design experience. You will acquire independence and learn to make choices and work well in a project-based manner.

Programme graduates are awarded a certified diploma and the degree “Professional Doctorate in Engineering” (PDEng). Their name will be entered in the PDEng register of the Royal Dutch Institute for Engineers (KIVI).

The Post-Master's programme Software Technology is open to recent university graduates, in particular to Master's graduates from the disciplines of Computer Science or closely related disciplines. The programme is internationally oriented and thaught in English. Advanced English courses are part of the programme. A Dutch course is optional.

We offer participants a full time temporary appointment for the period of 2 years. Participants will receive a monthly salary of approximately €1,680 (before taxes) by Eindhoven Universiteit of Technology. We also offer a broad package of fringe benefits, including an 8% holiday allowance, an end-of-year allowance, and excellent sports facilities.

Additional information
For more information and complete details about the application procedures, please visit our website: www.ooti.win.tue.nl

Applicants are requested to send among other:
• a well-motivated application
• an extensive curriculum vitae
• translated certificates certified by their University
• certified lists of marks
• the names of at least two referees that we can contact for a reference
• a copy of their passport
• a passport photograph
• the address of the website of the university and department where they received their certificate

To guarantee the quality of the programme, the ST selection committee applies strict selection criteria. Candidates must be among the top 25% of their discipline. Next to excellent grades, their motivation and personality will be extremely important. Applications can be sent in at any given time and even well in advance of graduation. The programme starts once a year on the Monday near to October 1st.

Deadline for applications: July 1, 2012

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