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MADERA Pasture Regeneration Project Manager Job Vacancy in Wardak Province, Afghanistan

MADERA is a French non-profit organization, working in Afghanistan for 23 years, for rehabilitation and development of rural economies destroyed by war. Our programme builds the capacities of rural community development and support local initiatives. MADERA is active in many fields of rural economy of Afghanistan: - Community development: support to local development projects;
 - National Solidarity Programme (NSP);

- Agricultural production: research and extension, support to producers' groups, arboriculture, vegetable growing;
- Livestock: support to veterinary services, vaccinations, animal technical extension work, support to the Animal Vaccines Production Laboratory;
- Handicraft and income generation;
- Forestry: awareness raising, erosion control and reforestation;
 - Civil engineering: access to water, irrigation, construction and rehabilitation of infrastructures, roads rehabilitation, schools building.

MADERA implements these activities in 6 provinces: 4 provinces in Eastern Afghanistan (Laghman, Kunar, Nuristan, and Nangarhar), 1 province in Central Afghanistan (Hazarajat region, Wardak province) and 1 in Western Afghanistan (Ghor).

The team is composed of approximately 500 Afghan employees and 10-12 expatriates. The annual budget is around 5 million Euros. MADERA, under the leadership of its Board of Directors, wishes to focus its work according to the following priorities: support communities towards autonomy, prioritize participatory approaches and foster the capacity building of Afghan staff. For more detailed information:

Farmers, herders and orchard owners in Behsud I district and northern parts of Behsud II district of Wardak province have received support over the previous four years under rural rehabilitation and development projects but are still recovering from the impact of severe drought over the past decade. Many require further support to improve their quality of life. In order to secure successful community development in future, it is necessary for these communities to become empowered and actively involved in local development.
The supporting agricultural development project started in August 2010

Under this project, the development priorities of the populations are clarified. MADERA facilitates participatory community-based studies (participatory rural appraisal) which will enable communities to identify their needs and resources and shape their own development paths and lives. At the same time, MADERA works with selected communities to implement rangeland regeneration activities in order to increase awareness of the need to protect and regenerate rangelands, and develop the necessary technical knowledge and resources to enable communities to better manage this vital natural resource in the future. One of the objectives of the project is to gain the knowledge required to assist communities to protect their natural resource base, on which their agricultural development depends. So one of the components of this programme is to initiate discussions within communities regarding the degeneration of rangelands and analyse how they perceive the rangelands can be regenerated and protected. The target communities, in cooperation with a rangeland management expert, designed in 2010 a pilot rangeland regeneration activity. Next years, the analyze of the result of this experimentation sites will began and new activities will be implemented to encourage the local population to reduce their consumption of fuel (wood/shrubs) collected from the rangelands.

Objectives and Responsibilities The position includes the following dimensions: project implementation, monitoring of activities, partnership and coordination, training, and reporting. Based in Wardak province with regular visits to Kabul, the Project Manager (PM) oversees the implementation of the component of the project concerning the protection of natural resource and rangeland generation in the targeted areas. He/she plans and leads the project, ensuring that activities are consistent with MADERA's overall objectives and specific objectives for the region and that they are carried out in an efficient and timely manner. The PM is also responsible for preparing reports, addressing any issues, and adjusting activities accordingly.

Main Duties The Project Manager is responsible for the following:
-To the overall management of the project Planning, supervision and monitoring of activities Supervision of the process for selecting beneficiaries Budget management and financial planning Preparing reports: internal reports, donor reports, and local authorities' reports Development, in coordination with the Monitoring and Evaluation department, of appropriate tools and documents to follow-up, monitor and evaluate the core indicators of the project Providing technical assistance and training to national staff Launching and supervision of all necessary procurements
• To analyze the results of the previous experimentation in terms of protection of the natural resources in the area and rangeland regeneration Visit of actual experiments site Analyse the views and opinions of communities Analyse of the technical results and compilation, checking and analysis of data collected at field level
-To update the Madera strategy according to the results obtained Design of the new strategy in close collaboration with the operation Director for the West and the Country Director Set up a new action plan and a new work plan
-To scale up the pasture regeneration tests Selection of new experimentation sites Supervision of the process of mobilization of the communities targeted Management and follow up of the experimentation site
Internal relationships The PM works under the direct supervision of the Operations Director; they decide priorities while planning activities and related means together; the PM reports achievements and difficulties encountered. He/she works in close collaboration with the Provincial Coordinator who is responsible for coordination of activities in Wardak province. He/she works in close coordination at field level with the provincial team and the technical Madera staff (Agriculture TL, Rangeland activities TL, etc). He/she coordinates with the Monitoring and Evaluation department for all related issues and with the Grant Manager for reporting purposes and donors' relations; He/she takes great care to apply and respect MADERA's procedures including security rules working in partnerships with finance, logistic and human resources departments.

External relationships For all project components, the PM liaises and strengthens cooperation with local authorities and ministry representatives (Ministry of Rehabilitation and Rural Development; Ministry of Agriculture, Irrigation and Livestock, Ministry of Public Works, etc.) as well as with all other stakeholders (including other NGOs) involved in rural development in the project area.

• Masters degree or equivalent professional experience in the fields of environmental sciences, rural development and/or agronomy…
• At least 5 years of professional experience in pasture management project
• Ability to manage a project including implementation of strategies, managing human resources, logistics, budgets and evaluation.
• Experience in implementing participatory appraisal activities.
• Ability to work in a multicultural environment and in an Islamic context.
• Willingness to live and work in remote areas and in an unstable environment.
• Fluent in English (spoken, written and read).
• Knowledge of the central Asia ecological environment and Afghanistan will be an asset

V. Conditions of employment Fixed term salaried contract – 12 months renewable, extension of 6 months possible according to the term of the project contract. Remuneration: 24 000 € - 30 000 € annual according to experience + distance allowance Rest and Recreation benefits Housing at subsidized cost Medical insurance and repatriation insurance


How to apply:
Applications, in English, should include a CV, photo, cover letter and three references. Applications should be submitted to: Marion LĂ©onetti MADERA, 3, rue Roubo, 75011 Paris, France Tel: + 33 (0)1 43 70 50 07 Fax: + 33 (0)1 43 70 60 07 Website:

Closing Date: Saturday, 31 March 2012

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