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LRRD Saighan External Evaluator Job Vacancy in Afghanistan

Solidarités International is a French humanitarian organization which provides aid and assistance to victims of war or natural disaster. For over 30 years the association has focused on meeting three vital needs - water, food and shelter - by carrying out emergency programmes followed by longer-term reconstruction projects.
Whilst fully respecting the assisted populations' customs and culture, Solidarités International's programmes are implemented through the joint expertise of around 180 expatriates and 1500 local managerial staff and employees. Solidarités International is currently present in Africa (Central African Republic , Southern Sudan, Kenya, Somalia, Liberia, Chad, Democratic Republic of the Congo, Republic of Côte d'Ivoire, Zimbabwe), in Asia (Afghanistan, Thailand, Bangladesh, Myanmar, Pakistan) and in Haiti.

Solidarités International's (SI) mission in Afghanistan was and still is a historically significant mission, linked to the birth and development of the association. The mission was the biggest of the association until 2003/2004 when a volume reduction trend started. From 2008 onwards, the trend was reversed and the mission witnessed an increase in the volume of activities with the maintaining and strengthening of a major rural development component both linked to the humanitarian situation in Solidarités International's areas of intervention (mainly the central highlands) and a donor strategy putting emphasis on early recovery and development type projects. In addition, it should be noted that since 2005, Solidarités International continued the implementation of WASH projects in "urban poor" environments in Kabul city and its immediate outskirts.
At the same time, Solidarités kept up its intervention in peak crisis situations with the implementation of emergency food security-related projects (direct food distribution , voucher for work, cash for work, food for work, and emergency shelter) in its areas of intervention. Finally, throughout 2010, SI began the development of its emergency response capacity, setting up an umbrella emergency response mechanism in several provinces of the country.

Currently, Solidarités International's intervention takes place in four provinces: Kabul, Bamyan, Baghlan and Samangan.


General objective : The objective of the consultant is to evaluate the final achievements under the LRRD project in Saighan.

Specific objectives : In order to support Solidarités International for reaching the general objective, the consultant will have:
1. To analyse progress versus objectives defined.
2. To analyse the follow up of the recommendations defined within the mid-term evaluation report
3. To analyse internal monitoring schemes and overall quality control set up
4. To analyse impact, coverage, coherence, relevance, effectiveness, efficiency and sustainability of the project's activities
5. To analyse cross-cutting issues related to the implementation of the project (gender, most vulnerable, inclusion of primary stakeholders, environmental impact)

The consultant is free to establish his own methodology in order to meet the needs and objectives defined in these terms of references.


Key Deliverables:
1. A debrief to Solidarités International teams in Saighan and in Kabul on the main findings of the evolution
2. A debrief to Solidarités International HQ (technical department and Desk) on the overall outputs of the field mission
3. A short executive summary (5 pages) presenting an overview of the findings of the evaluation
4. An evaluation report providing all the findings of the evaluation (max 15 pages).

• Extensive experience in Food Security and Rural Development Projects.
• Significant experience in Project Evaluation and Monitoring.
• Fluent in English (spoken and good analytical and writing skills).
• Adaptability to work in remote areas.
• Knowledge of the Afghan context will be highly appreciated (especially rural areas such as Central Highlands).
• Knowledge of Dari or Farsi will be appreciated.

Salaried position ; salary will vary according to experience.
Monthly Per Diem of 500 US dollars.

Solidarités will provide food, accommodation, transport, communication, and printer facilities throughout the mission in Afghanistan. A Dari-English translator and transport means (car) will be available during the mission in Saighan district.

DURATION : 3 weeks, beginning April 2012.

How to apply:
Please send us a CV and cover letter either through our website or via the following link:

Closing Date: Tuesday, 28 February 2012

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