Thursday, 16 February 2012

Lesson 4: Removing The Navbar From Your Blog

The Navbar is the blue bar that show on the top of your blog when you click view blog. It has the following information in it
Follow, Share, Report Abuse, Next Blog» , your e-mail address, New Post, Design, Sign Out

Standard websites don’t usually have this so it is necessary to remove it. Follow the following steps to remove the navbar.

Step 1: click on template.
Step 2: Click on Edit HTML
Step 3: Click on proceed
Step 4: Click on the box with Expand Widget Templates
Step 5: Press CTRL and F together, you will see a search box.
Step 6: Type the in </b:skin> , you will see ]]></b:skin>
Step 7: copy this #navbar-iframe {height:0px;visibility:hidden;display:none} and paste it just before ]]>

Step 8: Click on save template.
Step 9: The click on X on the top right corner to close it
Step 10: View your blog again and you will see that the Navbar is gone.

Follow the above steps carefully and send me a mail on when you have finishes.

Have a nice blogging day!

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