Thursday, 16 February 2012

Lesson 3: How to Arrange Layout and Template for Your Blog

The layout and the template of your blog is how you which to arrange the components of your blog. It is very important because it make your professional and also makes it easy for you to place your advertisement.

Follow the steps below to give your blog a professional outlook. Before you start, visit and look at the arrangement in the right hand side of the blog. I will want you to take this arrangement in order to get maximum space to put adverts and other things.

Step 1: Click on template, then customize, wait for it to load.
Step 2: Click on layout, on the body layout, click on the third one. On the footer layout, click on the second one. Then Click apply to blog.
Step 3: Click on adjust widths. Change the first one to 1000, and the second one to 400. Then click on apply to blog.
Step 4: Click on advance, Then click on page text. Under font, scroll down until you see verdana and click it. Then text colour, select the darkest colour there. Then click apply to blog.
Step 5: Click on Background. On outer background, select white, on main background, select white too. Then click on apply to blog.
Step 6: Click on Links, on the link colour, click the last one, i.e. the dark blue one. On visited colour, click on the dark blue one too. On Hover colour, click on the dark blue one also. Then click on apply to blog.
Step 7: Click on blog title, On the font, scroll down to Verdana and click it. Under title colour, click on the dark blue one. Then click apply to blog.
Step 8: Click on Blog description, Under colour description, click on the darkest. Then click on apply to blog.
Step 9: Click on tab text. Under font, Click on Verdana, For text colour, click on the darkest. Under selected colour, click on the darkest too. Then click on apply to blog.
Step 10: click on Tabs background, Under background colour, click on white. Under selected colour, click on white, the click on apply to blog.
Step 11: Click on post title. Under font, scroll to Verdana and click on it. Then click on apply to blog.
Step 12: Click on back to blogger.
Step 13: Under mobile, click on the circular pattern below, then click on “Yes. Show mobile template on mobile devices.” Then click save.
Step 14: Click on layout.
Step 15: On the layout, you can add and remove any gadget you like.
Step 16: To add gadgets, click on add a gadget. Then to remove a gadget, click on edit. Then the click on remove. To move gadgets from one point to another. Click on the gadget and drag to the point you want it.
Step17: For your blog to be neat, you have to arrange your archive. Click on the edit button of the blog archive gadget. Then click on dropdown. The click save. You must arrange your archive like as describe here to make room for space for more adverts.
Step 18: Click on add gadgets. Click on the Plus button on Blog stats. Select which ever you which and click save. Then drag it to the bottom of the blog.

Please do not add any other gadgets for now. I will tell you what to add later.

Then click on save arrangements.

This is the end of lesson three, read the above steps carefully and follow them one after the other. When you are through, sent me a mail at

Have a nice blogging day!

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