Thursday, 16 February 2012

Lesson 2: Arranging Your Blog to Look Like a Standard Website.

A blog is a type of a website. So you must arrange it to take the form of a standard website so that your visitor will be willing to read it and also long to come back again to read your new updates.

The following steps are what you need to arrange your blog to look like a standard website.
Step 1- Go to and using your blog’s e-mail address and password. And click on sign in.
Step 2: Click on setting. On the page that will open, you will see title and description.
Step 3; On the title, Put Elizabeth Moldovan’s Blog.

Step 4: On the description space, put, something creative. For example, News, Events, Entertainment, Lifestyle, Fashion, Beauty, Inspiration and yes... Gossip! *Wink*
Step 5: On Add your blog to our listings? Set it at Yes
Step 6: On Let search engines find your blog? Set it at Yes.
Step 7: On Show Quick Editing on your Blog? Set it at Yes
Step 8: On Google Analytics Web Property ID, leave blank.
Step 9: On Adult Content? Set it at NO
Step 10: On Select post editor, Set it at Updated editor (Recommended) - Take a look at the latest features!
Step 11: Click on Save settings.
Step 12: Now go back to the top and click on Formatting
Step 13: On Show at most, Change the number to 1 and set the dropdown button to posts.
Step 14: Set the others to your desired pattern by clicking on the dropdown button. Then Click on Save settings.
Step 15: Click on Comments. Set who can comment to Anyone, then click on Save settings.
Step 16: Click on Site Feed. Then set Allow Blog Feeds to Short. Then Click on Save settings.
Step 17: Click on Email & Mobile, set Show mobile template to Yes. Show mobile template on mobile devices. Then click on save settings.

This is the end of lesson 2. Go through the steps one after the other carefully and make sure you understand them and do accordingly.

When you are through, send me a mail on for me to review your work and send you lesson 3.

Have a nice blogging day!

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