Saturday, 11 February 2012

Introduction to Online Business: Lesson 1

Online business as the name implies is a business you do online from your computer connected to the internet. It can be done from the comfort of your house so there is no problem of looking for and office space or other things that offline business do. You don’t need to talk to anybody. You just do what you like using your

There are different types of online businesses, but we shall limit our training to BLOGGING.
Blogging is virtually no initial investment type of online business. You are not required to pay anything to anybody before you set up your business. In blogging you are to provide free information to people and get payment from advertisements from companies and other people who want to sell or promote a product. If you look at it critically, Just like what the radio stations, TV stations and newspaper does. But in the case of blogging, you don’t need any initial investment just like the others listed above.

There is something I must not fail to tell you my dear students, don’t come into blogging if you are not ready to work. If you don’t work you will not make any money. It is a type of work you do with all of your heart as though your boss is sitting in front of your telling to finish the job quickly or you get sacked. In blogging you must do something new every day to be successful.

Introduction to Blogging.
Blogging is about creating a website and updating it daily with whatever information that comes your way for people to read. And the business part of it comes from the revenue generated from the blog through advertisements.

To see example of a blog, visit This is a simple blog own by one of my good friend. Her name is Linda and her surname is Ikeji. I usually used this blog as an example because of its simplicity in design and information. The name of the blog is just her name and surname. And the information she feed the blog with is just anything that comes across her way every day, ranging from TV programs minor things like crying baby in the neighbourhood, taxi drivers quarrel, musicians gossips, movie shows, etc. You can do the same for a start and earn money from it.

Steps in creating your own blog.
Step 1. Open a new e-mail address. This email address will be for the blog. Everything you are going to do from this moment concerning the blog must be from this e-mail address. Never, ever give the password of this e-mail address to anybody. It is just like your signature to your bank account. Even if you receive a mail from anybody including your e-mail service provider to provide your password other than the normal way of logging in, kindly consult me for advice via e-mail first before you do that.
 Step 2- Visit and click on the Get Started button.
Step 3- Fill in the information on the next page that is displayed using your Blog e-mail address that you open a while ago.
Step 4- Click on the Acceptance of Terms box
Step 5 – Click on CONTINUE.
Step 6- On the next page, put in your phone number and click on call my phone with verification code. Make sure you are with your phone to write down the codes that will be given to you through the phone.
Step 7 – Put in the code and click on verify.
Step 8 – Name your blog and your blog url (website address) For example using our example, Name of blog: Linda Ikeji Blog and url: .
Please note. You are not to add www and it is already added by the system.
Step 9- Click on continue.
Step 10- Select your template in the next page shown. Please I will advise you to select the SIMPLE template. It is easier for a beginner. You can change it later after you have understood the process.
Step 11- then click continue.
Step 12 – You are through with this stage. Just click on start blogging. To start.
Step 13- Make your first post. You can just type anything on it. To see how it will appear. On the front page.
Step 14 – Put the heading of your post in Title and the body into the bigger space. Then click Publish Post.
Step 15 – Visit your site to see what you have posted. For example, if your site is johncage, type in
Step 16 – Now go back to your blog’s e-mail account and activate your account by clicking on the link sent to you.

This is the end of lesson 1. Go through the steps above one after the other. After you are through, send me a mail at stating your website url for me to see what you have done to decide if you are ready for Lesson 2.

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