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CTG Safety and Security Manager Job Vacancy Kabul

Appointment Safety & Security Manager (SMM) for CTG Global Afghanistan ("CTG")
CTG Global is a Personnel Management Service Company specialised in Recruitment, Management Consultancy, and Human Resources in countries experiencing or emerging from armed conflict, natural disasters, or acute social and economic crisis worldwide. CTG Global provides tailored personnel management support enabling a growing number of public and private sector agencies including the United Nations and individuals to achieve their objectives in complex and challenging environments. CTG Global
clients in Afghanistan currently comprise government, UN agencies, non-government organizations (NGOs), and a diverse array of private businesses including IT, Security, catering, logistics and engineering/construction companies.

• Location
You will be based in CTG's Kabul office in Afghanistan but will be expected to travel throughout Afghanistan; there may also be the opportunity to travel to other International locations as the company may require.

• Responsibilities
a. Responsible for the complete oversight and management of the current/future security situation and the safety of all CTG Consultants and Employee's countrywide.
b. Responsible to keep our clients security management , UNDSS and consultants fully appraised of the security situation and safety of our staff; meeting with senior security officials at such ensuring our procedures for such are robust and acceptable as per our legal contract to provide.
c. Monitor security situations and provide security guidance and advice to our consultants and staff, both internationals and locals alike, assuring that our security and safety procedures are updated, monitored, and adhered to by all.
d. Crisis Management, including Body Repatriation and Medical Assistance, of CTG staff in Afghanistan. Conducting formal investigations into incidents – operational, disciplinary or administrative.
e. Ensure Operational, Evacuation and Security SOPs are maintained to ensure they meet current demands of our clients in support of CTG International consultants.
f. Identify and put in place secure and safe operational support solutions and plans as required, such as establishing guesthouses, coordinating movement of personnel and stores.
g. Deliver induction training on all security matters, and deliver complete inductions to all new consultants and staff. Training (HEST or Security Awareness Briefings/Training/Inductions) – these shall be physically conducted by the SSM and/or HART Security.
h. Identification and management of any 3rd party security services, as required, and development of local provincial relationships with security facets such as PRTs, ISAF, and other locally positioned sources who can in turn provide assistance to CTG in the event of emergency/evacuation.
i. Support the Country Operations Manager (COM) with the day to day running of the Operations.
j. Provide backstopping support to the Country Operations Manager and Country Manager on Operational, Security and Portfolio needs at all times, specifically on operational matters, client management, staff management and leadership.
k. Take a proactive role in supporting the COM in business related services within Afghanistan, in particular client management and business development. Responsible for assisting in the production and timely submission of proposals and EOIs as required.

• Line Management
a. You will directly report to the Country Operations Manager, and may be required to fill in as Acting Country Operations Manager as directed. b. You will liaise with the Dubai Operational staff directly from time to time on operational and security Matters keeping the COM in copy.
• Applications

To apply for this role please submit you CV with a cover letter of no more than 400 words.

• Qualifications/Expertise required
a. Recent security experience in Afghanistan mandatory, at least 1 years experience required operating in Afghanistan.
b. Former military experience essential, having reached the minimum rank of Warrant Officer (or equivalent) and a minimum of 2 years experience in the private sector.
d. Training design and delivery experience required.
e. Formal Security Risk Management qualifications highly desirable.
f. Business Development experience highly desirable.

How to apply:
Applicants should send a letter of application and their CV to . Please subject your email with BHJOB2678_116

Closing Date: Thursday, 23 February 2012

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