Monday, 20 February 2012

CTG Portfolio Officer Job Vacancy in Kabul

Under the direct supervision of the CTG Country Operations Manager, the Portfolio Officer will supervise CTG's programme unit to efficiently manage a growing consultants' portfolio on behalf of CTG's clients, thereby ensuring the delivery of quality services responsive to clients' needs.

Specific responsibilities will include but not be limited to: Portfolio Supervision:
• Prepare monthly work plans and coordinate work for CTG Liaison and Administration Support Officers ["LASO"] team members to meet service objectives, including the delivery of the payroll
• Provide day-to-day support and guidance, including direct supervision and leadership to the CTG LASO team.
• Prepare weekly portfolio report for the COM in support of the combined Weekly Country office report the CM prepares for CTG HQ.
• Assist the CTG Country Operations Manager (Afghanistan) ["COM"] in developing and in reviewing, negotiating and finalizing consultants contracts for service in line with such as well as the revision thereof, if needed.
• Ensure all administrative requirements for all consultants P Files are completely completed by LASO Team members for their programmes.
Service delivery and operational management
• Within your allocated client portfolio, oversee all human recruitment related processes and actions, ensuring that these meet timelines and the clients' needs. This includes working with clients on recruitment plans and costings for consultants.
• Assist the Country Operations Manager in coordinating with our Dubai HQ Portfolio Manager on all international recruitments respective to your portfolio, with the knowledge that you are ultimately responsible for the Recruitment & administration of International personnel coming onto your programmes (ensuring management of the database on personnel you are sourcing).
• Management of your LASO's and Programme Team to oversee local recruitment. It is your sole responsibility to ensure the timely recruitment of CTG Consultants for the programmes within your portfolio.
• Produce and finalize, in coordination with the clients, consultants' contracts required for service delivery by the clients.
• Ensure contract documents and amendments are in line with our client's needs. Monitor and administer contracts and agreements as well as amendments when required.
• Assist CTG Finance Management team on budget issues, including budget and statement of work reports to clients ensuring timely delivery thereof.
• Ensure timely responses to, and a high-quality turnaround to all requests received from clients.
• Represent CTG in client meetings, produce meeting reports when appropriate, and follow up as appropriate.

Business Growth
• Actively promote CTG services within clients and among consultants and assist the Country Operations Manager and Country Manager in building a network of key business partners.
• Apply innovation to business development in coordination with the CTG team.
• Assist the CTG Country Operations Manager (Afghanistan) ["COM"] in developing proposals and responding to EOIs.
• Development of our portfolios with current clients.

Knowledge Management and technical support
• Contribute to the enhancement of Standard Operations Procedures (SOPs) relating to recruitment and personnel management.
• Contribute to the development of other tools and data platforms and content management to further progress effective information and knowledge sharing within CTG and between CTG and clients.
• Manage the shared drive for the assigned portfolio's ensuring completeness of documentation.
• Contribute to CTG capacity building in effective service delivery by focusing on learning, coaching, mentoring team members.
• Work closely with other Portfolio team members within the Group to ensure efficient and effective Programme Management is maintained throughout the company.

How to apply:
Applicants should send a letter of application and their CV to . Please subject your email with BHJOB2678_117

Closing Date: Thursday, 23 February 2012

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