Friday, 17 February 2012

Bell-Booth Dairy Research Scholarship at Massey University, New Zealand

Closing date: 10/03/2012
Closing date: 10 March

The Bell-Booth Dairy Research Scholarship was established in 2011 by Bell-Booth Ltd, a company that manufactures products used for improving the nutrition of dairy calves and who have an association with Massey University in undertaking research on their products. The company wishes to encourage postgraduate research, especially projects of relevance to the dairy industry and nutrition of calves.

1.The Bell-Booth Agricultural Research Scholarship is intended for the support of students undertaking agricultural research within a postgraduate programme at Massey University in animal science, with preference being given to those applicants undertaking research in dairy calf nutrition.

2. The scholarship is offered to a maximum value of $3000 and will normally be awarded annually as funds permit, subject to the approval of Bell-Booth Ltd.

3.The Applied Academic Programmes Scholarships Committee shall recommend the most suitable applicant to receive the award, but this decision will need ratification by Bell-Booth Ltd before being finalised.

4. In recommending the award, academic merit and other scholarships and bursaries held by the applicants shall be taken into account. No scholarship may be awarded in years when no suitable students apply.

5. For research projects of particular interest to Bell-Booth Ltd, the company may decide to give additional financial assistance with costs associated with the research.

6. Applications close with the Scholarships Office, Graduate Research School on 10 March in the year of award of the scholarship. Application forms are available from Massey Contact, 0800 627 739, email: or download from the click box at the bottom of this page.

All applications are acknowledged by email.

Applications will NOT be accepted more than 3 months in advance of the closing date.
Application cannot be accepted before 10/12/2011.

Download an application form

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