Tuesday, 15 November 2011

Tips On How To Fight Cravings And Overeating For Dieters

Sticking to a weight loss programme by dieters during the holidays especially the Christmas Holidays is very challenging and requires strict disciple to avoid cravings and overeating. Dieters are faced with an enormous peer pressure from gathering with family and friends who bring cookies, cakes, ham, eggnog and other fattening foods. It is a general tradition to gorge ourselves on sugary sweets, breads, and some other foods that are bad during the holiday periods especially the Christmas holidays.

Apart from the holiday periods, the temptation hovers over us daily from work parties to friends sharing time together and usually a lot of unhealthy foods being shared.

Due to these situations, dieters are strongly advised to understand the difference between real hungry and simple cravings. When fully understood, they will be able to take a firm decision and fight off the urge to overeat. The secret is before you grab something from that deli platter, just take a step back and take a deep though about what and why you are eating. Ascertain whether you really need those cookies because you are hungry or just due to cravings. This decision will help you to take decision not to eat the food that will cause you to gain weight amidst the enormous amounting pressure.

Research has shown that idleness and leading a sedentary life encourages overeating and leads to overweight. Sitting down in the couch and thinking of that cherry pie, there is a tendency that you will end eating a slice or two. When you found yourselves too idle and cravings is setting in, introduce some distractions into you system by doing some useful work like decorating your house, reading a book, or taking a walk. Turn your attention into something else when you found out that you are focusing too much on eating an unhealthy food especially when you are well aware that you are not hungry.

Dieters should set up a realistic goal about how many pound they will want to shed or whether to just maintain their weight and they should set up rules and boundaries towards their heating habits. Decide whether or not you goals are achievable.

To be honest, holiday periods is obviously not the best of time to expect a dramatic weight loss due to the activities associated with holidays. So setting a goal of maintaining your current weight over the holiday period may not be a very bad choice and your weight loss programme can commence after the holiday periods. By setting goals, you should consider some situations and your lifestyle in order not to set up yourself and end up in disappointment about your achievement.

There are different ways to maintain you weight and keep unnecessary cravings. First and foremost, cut down your portion sizes, you don’t have to be a hermit by avoiding a good company or restricting yourself from enjoying a tasty snack. What is required is just moderation and avoid overdoing it. Instead of a huge slice of pie, simply cut it in half. Rather than piling your plate up with items from the deli tray, grab a slice of chicken and cheese and then choose healthier options like fresh fruits and vegetables to fill your plate.

Fighting off serious cravings and weight loss at the same time can be carried out by eating more, smaller snacks. Eat small healthy snacks four to five times a day rather than eating all at once. This will keep your metabolism in check and avoid starvation. We should understand that weight loss is not necessary absenting from food and starvation. It is all about eating right.

Avoidance of food in a bid to check weight usually boomeranged and drives your body to starvation mode thereby driving your body to a metabolic panic and lead to overheat. Eating snacks like carrots sticks, apples and other healthy foods will not harm your weight loss programme.

Going an extra mile to keep a food dairy is not a bad ideal. Simply writing down every single thing you eat for each snack, beverages, drinks and meal, and tallying the calories count would help you to be accountable to what you are eating and also encourage avoiding some unhealthy food that may cause weight gain.

Weight loss is easier if the dieter follows a particular pattern. As you track the food you eat, correlate that with your weight loss and see if you can find a pattern that will encourage you to stay on track.

You can also recruit a friend and another dieter to check your dieting habits and also serving as a third eye to your habits. This will make both losing and maintaining weight fun. Your friend will be a spot checker, a support in dialogue and also watch what you eat. With you dieting and workout partner, it is easier to stick to your healthy plans better and also get less discouraged.

In planning your dieting schedule, don’t forget to add water, especially water mixed with lemon or citrus juice. This will help your body system metabolism to function at its optimum capacity and clear your body of toxins. Avoid the temptation of excessive consumption of alcohol, flavoured coffees, sugar laden can juices and sodas. If there is need to partake in a celebratory glass of wine or mixed drink, make sure you do it with moderation. One you are done drinking it, follow it up with a lot of water to flush it out of your system as soon as possible.

In planning your daily cooking regimen, incorporate healthy cooking options like using applesauce instead of sugar when you bake cookies or brownies. Develop a sugar free treats as your habits. Opt for homemade crafts instead of food. Think of other way of cooking your favourite meals to keep them healthy for your body and for your waistline.

Positive thinking is definitely a great way to help fight cravings and overeating. Think ahead and think positively in planning your meals. Staying in a good frame of mind will definitely help you a lot when it comes to resisting some food related temptations. If you do happen to fall or overeat on any one occasion, simply pick back up where you left off the next day.

Stressed people tend to overeat, so avoid being stressed by keeping a cool and clear head at all time to enable you make a better decision what it comes to food. Eliminate stress as much as possible. Take a hot bath, read a favourite book or listen to a calm and soothing music. Trying to implement some stress-busting techniques like a visit to the spa or just taking a nice long walk can assist in getting rid of stress.

After you discover that you are doing well in you weight loss programme, trying to reward yourself with some shot of “mad food” as it is very popular with some dieters can be extremely counterproductive when trying to lose weight. Instead, a family picnic or a visit to the movie will be a better option. After you have accomplished your weight loss goal, whether big or small, a gift of a bottle of sugar laden fruit juice is not the best of options for a reward. Doing so is a way of directly undoing your already achieved positive accomplishments.

The simple steps stated above can help you in healthy eating and change your eating habit all through your life. Giving them a try for those who want to stay healthy is recommended.

Please note that in the initial stage of practicing the above-stated steps, you may feel a little daunting, but that should not discourage you because once you made it a habit, your will start to feel better and you will be grateful you did. Take the decision to eat healthy today.

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