Wednesday, 9 November 2011

Seeing Opportunity From Problems

It is common that people look and dwell on a problem and not the opportunities that lies within the problem. For instance two men looked out of their seek beds. One saw the sun and the other saw the grave. That accurately describes two views of the world. Many people complain about their jobs not realizing that if the job were simple, the employer would have preferred to hire someone with less ability at a substantially lower wage.

The water of opportunity is muddled by pessimism. People usually fail to take advantage of opportunities. For example when there is a new innovation that seems to make life easier and people more productive, protesters complain that it will throw people out of work. For example, people thought that the advent of the computer would make people to lose their jobs because the computer could do so much under a little time. It is obvious that people has to be retrained to be marketable. However, everyone including the initial protesters would agree with me that today the computer has created more jobs and improve our standard of living remarkably.

The next time you find yourself in a difficult situation, ask yourself if there is an easier, better, faster and cheaper way of getting thing done. You may not know if you would invent something that would make life better.

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