Sunday, 30 October 2011

University of Gothenburg Professorship in Social Work with a specialization in Families and Children Job Vacancy in Gothenburg, Sweden

The Department of Social Work at University of Gothenburg is one of Sweden’s oldest, largest and most successful. We offer undergraduate, as well as masters and doctoral programs, in an expansive and dynamic educational and research environment. We also offer, in collaboration with the School of Global Studies, an English master’s program in Social Work and Human Rights. The Department of Social Work has an extensive international contact base and collaboration through different networks and agreements with universities around the world. The research conducted at the Department of Social Work encompasses a wide breadth of projects and programs which focus on social problems, social processes, social politics and social work in different forms.

Profile of the position
The professorship is in the field of social work and encompasses studies within the area of parenthood, childhood and family support. Studies of social change and social politics related to these areas are also included.

Work Duties
The position includes research, teaching, as well as planning and providing leadership of research and teaching. Further, the duties of the Professor include providing information about research as well as participating in the development and planning of research projects, including applications for research funding. The position is mainly connected to graduate research, which means taking responsibility for the planning and shaping of the graduate program, as well as advising graduate students. However some teaching at the undergraduate and graduate level is expected.

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