Sunday, 16 October 2011

Nationwide Oil Limited

Head Office
Plot 3 Block J, Otunba Jobi-Fele Way
Central Business District,
MKO Gardens, Agidingi, Opposite Regency Hall
Ikeja, Lagos
Mail: P.O. Box 52456, Ikoyi, Lagos
Tel: 08023225853

Retail Outlets
Ogba Service Station, Ogba, Ikeja
Ejigbo Service Station,
Ejigbo-Ikotun Road, Ejigbo, Lagos

Business: Managing Director

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  1. Late Prince Oyebode Anifalaje was an icon not2be 4gotten.amongst many oil retailers in Nigeria he was amongst the best.why let a woman wit no knowledge of business take ova sumtin he laboured all his life.hmm... *sMh*

  2. What is your own business about another person's business. He was not daft and how do you know that she is not capable. You seems to be a mysogynist. Get real

  3. Do you have issues with women running a company or with her? Germay has a female president now. *sMh*

  4. Not only Germany, Australia too has a female prime minister.
    Even UK once had a female prime minister.
    Get a life and mind our own private affairs.

  5. You are such a nitwit. You are free to apply for the position of MD.