Tuesday, 16 August 2011

Seeing Others The Right Way

Take a break and check your relationship with others. How do you react when they do things that do not go well with your standard? There are three principle you must abide by in other to live peace with others and see them the right way;

1. Always be willing to give people a second chance: When people hurt you by doing things that you dislike, you have to risk giving them a second chance. Explain to them how you feel and how you would have preferred things to be done in other to keep your relationships.

2. Don’t measure everyone else with your standards and goals: You have to understand that everyone has their standards and goals, so making your personal preferences a precondition for loving, accepting and working with someone without considering what they feel about it is certainly unfair.

3. Look for the best in others: Pay attention to the good side of others. When you look for the best in others you always fine it. Deviate from finding faults in everything others do. Motivate others and give them your trust and they will rise up to your expectations.

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