Tuesday, 30 August 2011

Controlling Your Speech

No human can perfectly control the tongue. Still your spoken words matter. Your reputation, your career and even your success and failure of your relationships with others is controlled by your speech.
How to Improve Your Speech Habit
Words begin with thought. In order to improve what you say, you need to improve on how you think which in turn influence your speech.

Feel Your Heart With Good Thoughts
Strive to dismiss improper thoughts from your heart. Remember that your thought are fed and fortified by what you see and read. So to avoid negative and unclean thought, avoid negative influences. That means staying away from violent and obscene entertainments. Instead, direct your mind towards clean and positive ideas. Applying these principles can improve your speech.

Filter Your Words Carefully
If you find out that you hurt others feelings, you would do well to make an effort to think before you speak. Try setting a goal over the next month, be determined not to say the first thing that comes to your mind without thinking about it properly, especially when you are provoked. Instead, make a conscious effort to speak in a wise, loving and calm manner.

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